Golf Related Injuries

Golf Injuries

Golf has been shown to be a very popular sport. Its popularity is likely due to a variety of reasons including becoming more fashionable to our youth with thanks to role models such as Rory McIlroy and also increased leisure time in aging populations and multiple perceived health benefits.

Such benefits are supported by research studies which demonstrated that playing golf provides a sufficient amount of physical activity to improve overall health and well-being, especially for older golfers whose physiological training threshold is lowered by age.

Equally important though is the fact that although golf may provide health and fitness benefits, the sport also appears to have certain injury risks that may significantly affect players’ enjoyment of the game, and even deter some potential participants at older ages.

While a properly executed golf swing may not appear overly stressful, biomechanical studies show that many body parts are moving at high velocity and through extreme ranges of motion (ROM). Additionally, these movements are complex and require a high degree of coordination. Mastering these motions, as demonstrated by elite amateur and touring professionals, requires dedicated practice where these powerful movements may be repeated several hundred times per day.

The physical stresses associated with such practice may lead to injury of various parts of the body including the

Furthermore, since swing mechanics may contribute to injury susceptibility, the less efficient and inappropriate movement patterns demonstrated by less skilled recreational golfers may further increase injury susceptibility.

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