Posture can be thought of as static or dynamic.  Static posture, or how the golfer presents themselves at address could be considered the base from which the individual moves which is reflected in the structural alignment of the body which must be optimal to enable an extremely complex, well-orchestrated movement that is balanced in relation to their centre of mass.   It serves to create the perfect lie angle of the club at address then later at impact.


Dynamic posture is reflective of how the golfer is able to maintain posture while performing the golf swing.  Good positioning of the spine angle at address facilitates the correct weight transference in the backswing by creating a slightly tilted axis around which the torso can rotate and achieve good dynamic balance.


dynamic posture


The forward tilt of the upper body determines the way in which your spine moves in the swing and in turn creates an axis of rotation which forms the plane in which you will swing the club, it has a direct influence on how both the upper body and lower body behave.


The images below illustrate excessive trail side bend, placing the swing centre behind the golf ball.  This will affect the golfer’s dynamic balance, alter the low point of the swing arc, produce a shallow attack angle, decrease shaft lean and increase dynamic loft.



Below illustrates excessive lead side bend, placing the swing centre in front of the golf ball and promotes a reverse pivot.  This setup may steepen the swing plane, produce a swing path that is in – out and increase shaft lean.

Any significant alteration from the player’s original spine angle will affect the golf swing.  Movement of the spine angle that is up or down and / or side to side will force compensations during the swing if the ball is to be hit correctly.

Loss of posture as illustrated below shows an increase in spine angle, shallowing the attack angle and producing a swing path that is in – out.


S Postures posture


C Posture

C posture

Loss Of Posture

loss of posture



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